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To help you build your best work, we’ve partnered with Keychron to craft an ultra-slim, low-profile keyboard designed to elevate productivity. The Shopify Keyboard is a 75% keyboard packed with powerful features from Keychron’s K3 Pro model, including a sleek, compact design.

Make your keyboard match the way you work by customizing it with your preferred artisan keycaps (whether they’re standard or low-profile) and discover more ways to make Shopify Keyboard your own via FAQs.

Shipping note:

Please note that the Shopify Keyboard currently available exclusively in the United States and Canada; however, if you live outside of this region, you can still enhance your work station with the Shopify Keycap. For more information about global shipping, please refer to our FAQs.


Shopify Keycap

Ctrl + Alt + Customize

Customize your keyboard with Shopify Keycap, a sleek keycap with a smooth finish. This artisan keycap elevates your keyboard’s aesthetics.

Compatible with standard or low-profile keyboards.

USD $35.00

Features designed for peak productivity

  • QMK/VIA support

    QMK/VIA support

    The Shopify Keyboard by Keychron was built for builders—customize virtually every aspect of your keyboard using QMK/VIA capabilities by dragging and dropping your preferred keys or macro commands.

  • Mac & Windows compatible

    Mac & Windows compatible

    The Shopify Keyboard comes with keycaps for both macOS and Windows. You can also create custom keymaps for each OS using VIA software.

  • Double-shot PBT keycaps

    Double-shot PBT keycaps

    Designed for a smooth, premium typing experience, the K3 Pro comes with unique double-shot PBT keycaps made of durable, oil-resistant PBT material that won’t fade.

  • 2 weeks of battery life*

    2 weeks of battery life*

    With a 1550mAH battery capacity, your keyboard can stay charged for up to 2 weeks (*with the backlight off).

Builders are our type
Builders are our type
Builders are our type
Builders are our type
Builders are our type
Builders are our type
Builders are our type
Builders are our type
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At Shopify, building is in our DNA. From custom keyboards to commerce tools, our products power builders. That’s why we partnered with Keychron to develop a keyboard that elevates productivity and improves the way you build. Build even more with the Shopify Keyboard.

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Alt your work game.