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Make your store’s info shine with the all-new Display, powered by the Shopify Counter app.

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Customize your Display to showcase your store’s data when and how you want.

Shopify displayShopify displayShopify displayShopify display

Your biggest numbers at a glance

  • Apps made for entrepreneurs

    Use the Shopify Counter app to stay on top of your most important business stats like total orders, daily sales, major milestones, and more without needing to check your computer or phone.

  • Seamless setup

    Quickly set up your Shopify Display with easy app installation and wireless Bluetooth connectivity.

  • Timeless design

    Elevate your home or workspace with Display—featuring a solid walnut finish, retro design, and settings like night mode and automatic brightness.

  • Even more features

    Customize your Display even further with Tidbyt’s library of 150+ unique screens.

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Easily write and publish Shopify Display apps, flash your own firmware, and connect with our dev-friendly community.

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